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About Red Matter Data


Red Matter Data is a diffrent kind of data management company...

for 18+ years we have been involved in oil and gas operations, all over the world.
We are more then a data company, becasue we understand your operations.

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Our services


COMPASS Database Audits

If regulators asked to look at your data today would you break into a cold sweat, Want to know everything about your data... We can help.

COMPASS Data Population

Our data experts can populate your COMPASS database quicker and more cost effectively then using your in-house engineers...

Data Management

Your COMPASS data is not static, let Red Matter Data help you keep your data safe and up-to-date

Real Time Services

Drilling happens at all hours, Now get your Anti-Collision answers in real time as well.

with 18 Years of experience. You will always get the right answers.